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niki. czech. living in england.

emotionally attached to fictional characters and pretty much obsessed with everything.

forever crying over my sidebar's perfection!


i love tv shows & nutella.

main ships - Spoby, Caskett , Calzona , LoVe , Dalice, Rizzles & Sethummer . +

i love Uh Huh Her . check them out on youtube.

uh huh her fan book info


gifs on this page are not mine.


Anna Kendrick on Saturday Night Live (1/9)

The nicest version of “please keep your ideas to yourself” I have ever heard. (X)


its monday tomorrow why does this keep happening 



do you find it weird that you’ve known your parents for your entire life but they’ve only known you for a portion of theirs

This fucked me up


The Holy Trinity, sneaking little bits of eachother into their videos.

Twelve hours later:



wait for it

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Does anyone know where is this from? Can you send me the link please? :)) thank youu!!

Does anyone know where is this from? Can you send me the link please? :)) thank youu!!

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"Mrs. C to be."

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Yes it is

Is time travel possible? 


You want weird tv episodes that you’ve never seen before? It’s probably been on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You want a musical episode? Buffy. An episode with no talking at all? Buffy. A good laugh about a demon-hunting dummy? Buffy. What about one where hyena ghosts posses high school students and then go eat their principle? Guess who. Just go watch Buffy you piece of shit.